As I’m a registered Psychologist, I’m bound by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) rules and regulations, one of which states that we aren’t allowed to use testimonials in our advertising or on our webpages. So instead check out these pages and see if you think we would be a good fit, then give me a call and make an initial appointment. As a routine part of my practice I get you to complete feedback regarding the session so that we can work together to make sure you are getting the most out of treatment. However, if it turns out my style or approach isn’t right for you, I can help refer you to another psychologist who may be a better fit.

As a part of ongoing quality assurance, along with seeking regular feedback from you as to how you feel the sessions are going, I also conduct regular assessments that monitor common symptoms people experience when they are going through a tough time. This information is then used in two ways.

  1. On an individual level as another way to ensure you are making progress. If you aren’t, we will discuss this and what we need to change (for example treatment modality).
  2. I collect this information across all clients, and conduct a statistical analysis called Cohen’s D which gives an indication of my overall efficacy with clients for that year.   Which is then compared to a benchmark within the profession, so I have an indication of how effective I have been in relation to my peers.

See the graph below for my recent results. Note that the accepted benchmark within the profession is a Cohen’ D of 0.54.