Individual Therapy

I work with adults to help them overcome challenges they are facing that may be impacting them personally, in their relationships, socially, occupationally, or otherwise. Some common reasons people come to see me include:
– Stress
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Anger
– Trauma
– Workplace issues
– Conflict or relationship difficulties
– Grief and Loss
– Separation/ relationship breakdown
– Childhood trauma or abuse

This is not an exclusive list, so if you are unsure just contact me and we can see if I can help you.


One area of my work that I derive great satisfaction from is coaching parents to raise emotionally intelligent children, using a loving and respectful approach to discipline and guidance.

My parent coaching involves educating you on the most recent research on child development and neuropsychology and helping you parent from your values base by overcoming the barriers that are preventing that from happening already.


My aim is to facilitate people to be the best versions of themselves they can be. This can help them get the most satisfaction and enjoyment from their lives.

As part of coaching I help you identify what is important to you and what kind of life you want to live. You will be assisted to formulate the steps needed to start experiencing these desires right now. We work through, and overcome any barriers that are currently preventing you from having the kind of life you want, as well as educating you in ways to increase your happiness.