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Mental Health in 5 simple steps

No matter what the presenting issues is, whether stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues etc the first steps in improved psychological wellbeing are actually practical steps. Our mind and body aren’t two isolated parts of the machine, they work together and constantly influence each other. So the first step to improving any emotional or cognitive crisis is:

  1. Drink plenty of water (and preferably only water)
  2. Eat healthy regular meals (even if you have no appetite or are craving mass amounts of junk food)
  3. Exercise (this is most crucial to all mental health issues – burn up the stress hormones and release the feel-good chemicals. Plus energy creates energy! Yes you read right, the more you do the more energy you have to keep doing)
  4. (more…)

A story of Stress and Sabre-tooth Tigers

So today I want to talk a little about what happens when we are feeling stressed or anxious and what we can do about it. So when we are stressed and/or anxious our fight/flight response kicks in. Now most people have heard of this but might not know much about how it impacts our functioning. So what is it – its an evolutionary response to keep us alive, so if you imagine it’s the caveman days and up comes a sabre-toothed tiger, our brain recognises the threat and triggers a whole bunch of changes in the body, all designed to give us the strength and stamina to fight the threat or out run it (hence flight). Things that happen include:


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